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You are not alone.

Parents Helping Parents: It’s Who We Are and What We Do

We are parents too.

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Welcome to Family Involvement Center

Family Involvement Center (FIC) is a not-for-profit, family-run organization that was founded by Jane Kallal in 2002. FIC was established initially to serve as a partner in developing a new system of care for children with emotional, physical, and/or behavioral healthcare needs in Arizona. Jane believed then, as she does today, that parents/caregivers know their children best and that involving families in the process of providing care is vital to strengthening Arizona's system of care for children.

As a parent herself, Jane knows all too well the challenges parents and families face in getting the support, information, and access to services our children need. She established FIC with the intention of giving families a voice in the planning, design, and implementation of Arizona's children's services. As a result, Family Involvement Center became a family-run organization - meaning the majority of our employees and the Board of Directors have personal life experience raising children with emotional, physical, and/or behavioral health challenges.

FIC led the way in developing a workforce of parents who raised their own children with these needs. Having identified parents who could assist others, FIC designed training and infrastructures necessary to establish Parent-to-Parent support roles within Arizona's system of care. This workforce became the link between families, providers, specialists, and policy makers to ensure that children and their families are valued and involved in their own care.

Today, Jane continues to play an active role in the ongoing transformation of Arizona's children's services as well as a respected advocate for the nation-wide, family-run movement. FIC and its' employees have gone on to become a reliable source of support and assistance for parents and families as well as expert consultants and trainers for professionals, community organizations, and family-run agencies throughout the United States. Moreover, as Arizona has now adopted an integrated system of care philosophy, FIC is a partner in developing a cutting-edge care system that will address emotional, physical, and behavioral health needs for children concurrently.

Welcome! We hope you will take a little time to explore our site and learn more about us. Under the services menu, you will find information about how we may be able to help you. Please feel free to call, email, send us an online inquiry or stop by with any questions too. We look forward to hearing from you!