About Us

Find-Your-Voice-wFollowing a 2001 class action lawsuit settlement against the State of Arizona, the delivery of behavioral health services in our state underwent dramatic changes. These changes led to the development of Arizona's Vision and 12 Principles. These 12 Principles served as the foundation for the establishment of Family Involvement Center in 2002. Founded by Jane Kallal, a parent and leading advocate for parents and caregivers raising children and young adults with emotional, physical, and behavioral health challenges, her vision was to foster a system of care in which parents and families were valued and respected for their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, parents and families would be primary stakeholders and valuable partners at all levels including children’s service planning and delivery and program and policy development impacting children’s services. Jane believed then, as she does today, that parents know their children best.

It was with this basic understanding that Jane realized she could offer a different kind of support and assistance to families living a reality similar to her own - one designed to strengthen and empower families and to help their children succeed. Since that time, our non-profit agency has involved-wsuccessfully supported countless families and youth by ensuring their voice and active involvement are reflected in the following:
•    State and Local Policy Establishment
•    Expansion of Covered Behavioral Health Services in the Public Sector
•    Development of New Roles for Families as Paid Professionals
•    Establishment of Family Support and Peer Support Services
•    Training for State, Managed Care, DES/DCS, Probation, Parole and Provider Personnel
•    Behavioral Health System Evaluation
•    Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Efforts

As a premier leader in family support services, Family Involvement Center has effectively modeled strong, strategic family/professional partnerships throughout the Arizona System of Care. We provide technical assistance, training, and consulting through continuous participation at both the state and local levels in numerous initiatives. Current initiatives include working with the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for Maricopa County, Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care. In 2013, a satellite site was opened in Prescott Valley allowing FIC to expand its support services to Northern Arizona children and families. For more than a decade now, FIC has fostered a national model of family involvement, parent-to-parent support, and parent/youth leadership that continues to transform systems of physical and behavioral health care and improve child and family outcomes throughout our community and nation.  

Parents Helping Parents: It's Who We Are and What We Do