Arizona Statistics

Approximately 73,000 children in Arizona live with a serious mental condition.

During the 2006-07 school year, ~69 percent of AZ students aged 14 and older living with a serious mental illness dropped out of high school.

13 years old is the average age of first time drug use in Arizona.

ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Data:
In 2011/12, an estimated 69,212 children in Arizona had 5 or more ACEs.
44% of Arizona youth 12-17 have experienced two or more ACEs . The national average is just above 30%.
60% of youth with an ACE score of two or more are considered obese.
With two or more ACEs, children are more likely to repeat grades (62%).
55% of AZ youth with an ACE score of 2 or more missed 11 or more days of school a year.

Data Sources:

National Alliance on Mental Health, 2010 State Advocacy Report for Arizona
2011-2012 National Survey of Children’s Health