What Are Family-Run Organizations?

A family-run organization is an organization that has a board of directors made up of more that 50% family members, who have primary responsibility for the raising of a child, youth, adolescent or young adult with behavioral health challenges. In addition, at FIC more than 90% of our staff are also parents who have lived experience raising a child with emotional, physical and/or behavioral health needs.

Children's behavioral health systems at the national, state, and local levels have increasingly supported the notion of family and youth support as an integral part of our child-serving systems. For over 20 years, family-run organizations have had an enormous impact through the formation of non-profit, free standing organizations that are focused on serving the needs of families and youth experiencing emotional and behavioral health challenges through support, education, and systems transformation.

Family Involvement Center is just such a family-run organization and it has been a driving force in creating and sustaining services for children that involve their families in Arizona. Learn more about family-run organizations in the links below.


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