Sara's Story

My first contact with Family Involvement Center was when they called me to schedule an interview for the Practice Improvement Review about my son’s Child and Family Team (CFT). Because of the interview the provider was able to call me back and schedule a CFT. I decided that I wanted a part-time job where I could help other people and so I called Family Involvement Center.

I have learned a lot about how the system works and what resources are available to parents and families. Being involved with Family Involvement Center has helped me feel comfortable speaking up about the role that parents play. My agency is listening more and offering things that are very helpful. I share more openly with my teachers and classmates in my Elementary and Special Education classes, with parents I interview for Practice Improvement Reviews, and in my CFT. I feel more hopeful for the future now. I know where to turn when I need encouragement and support and I know that I am not alone.