Stephanie's and Marcus' Story

Parent Partner Theresa Hill began working with Stephanie in September 2014 through FIC’s pilot program with the ADJC (Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections). At the time, Stephanie's son Marcus (aged 17) was incarcerated. During Marcus' incarceration Theresa worked with Stephanie to develop goals and plans to help her and her family prepare for Marcus’ release and successful transition back home.

For example, Theresa supported Stephanie in developing parenting techniques and structures at home that would help her establish and maintain good boundaries. Theresa also educated Stephanie about substance use so she would feel empowered to recognize signs of abuse in her son. Stephanie gained greater self-confidence and began to feel excited and ready, rather than anxious and worried, to have Marcus return home.

Since Marcus' release in December 2014, he has successfully secured (within a week) and maintained employment working for a local landscaping company. At home he is honoring the boundaries his mom sets for him and even modeling those structures for his younger siblings. Marcus has also been helping around the house by cooking dinner when Stephanie is working. Meanwhile, Stephanie has been able to access and navigate the behavioral health system supports and services both Marcus and her other children need.

The support, education and planning Theresa provided helped Stephanie grow as a parent and as an advocate for her sons. Together, Stephanie and her son continue to work towards success and positive outcomes for the whole family.