Karin Kline

Karin has over 30 years of professional experience in child welfare in Arizona. Her social work experience began for the State of Arizona and was soon followed by work on the front lines in case management. After working for 12 years in the field, Karin held a variety of administrative and policy positions. Karin has worked primarily in state government but also has experience working for a non-profit organization focused on prevention. Karin currently works for Arizona State University (ASU) at the Center for Child Well-Being as a program manager for projects to improve training for the child welfare workforce.

Karin has also taught classes at ASU in courses designed for students specializing in child welfare. Karin is committed to contributing to the improvement of the child welfare system in any capacity. She believes that the child welfare system includes everyone who works with a child, children or the adults who care for them, regardless of their role, and that our system would be more effective if the work each of us does individually is better coordinated. Karin is interested in developing opportunities for this to occur more often and believes the Family Involvement Center is a wonderful example of this collaboration. Karin believes the key to eliminating so many of the negative outcomes experienced by children who are victims of neglect and abuse is prevention. Karin holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work from ASU. Karin is married and she and her husband have raised four kind and compassionate children.