Lisa Richards

Lisa was introduced to Family Involvement Center in 2013 by Jane Kallal while serving on a DES Champion Advisory Board. She became a member of FIC's Board in June 2014.

Lisa is a licensed attorney. She graduated from New York Law School and practiced family law in New York for several years before relocating to Arizona. While in New York, Lisa worked as a legal aid attorney representing families with limited financial resources. She eventually left the legal aid society and opened her own family law practice. In addition to representing private clients, Lisa continues to provide legal services to indigent families as a law guardian. In that role she represented children in various family court poroceedings. After five years of operating a successful law practice, Lisa moved west to the great state of Arizona with her husband.

Since moving to Arizona, Lisa has been representing adults and children in the area of disability law. In 2010, Lisa and her husband became licensed foster care parents. They have since fostered and adopted four beautiful children. Lisa and her family enjoy traveling throughout the United States and abroad. Lisa also enjoys raising the awareness of indiviuals in her community about the joys of being a foster parent.