What is a Parent Partner?

hpartnership-wOne of Family Involvement Center's most important accomplishments resulting from efforts to inform Arizona's system of care for children and youth with behavioral health needs was the integration of Parent-to-Parent Support Roles. Parent Partners (as they are called in Maricopa County) and Family Support Partners (as they are called in Northern Arizona) are parents who are raising or who have raised children with emotional, physical, or behavioral health care needs. They are familiar with the feelings of isolation parents experience and the challenges they face. They also know what resources are available to help parents and how to navigate the behavioral health, juvenile justice, child protective services (known as DCS), and school systems. In addition to their personal experience as parents, they have received professional training in preparation to help other parents/primary caregivers.

FIC offers a Parent-to-Parent program designed to help parents meet their child’s needs at home, in school, and in the community. Through this program, parents are matched with parent partners who can help them set and achieve goals that will meet the needs of their family. Please feel free to call our Parent Assistance Center at 602.288.0155 to learn more about this service. Or, you may contact our Program Managers in Phoenix and Northern Arizona directly for more information.

Kim Foy
Parent, Program Manager, Parent-to-Parent Support Services
(602) 412-4075

Northern Arizona
Trish Riner
Parent, Program Manager
(928) 379-5077