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"I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to serve my internship with your wonderful organization. Everyone went out of their way to help and teach me about FIC and made my short stay with you both educational and enlightening. I never realized that something like this even existed, but seeing the drive and dedication that flows through everyone here has been inspiring. I have truly been motivated to continue my path in the helping professions knowing that someday I may be working with a team as great as you are."
David "JD" Herman
Glendale Community College Student Intern

Family Involvement Center has substantial experience in the support of family members/parents, youth and extended family.  Your efforts in training family members to be effective peer-to-peer support partners as well as responding to unique situational and cultural families is most commendable.  I wholeheartedly support your work.”
Ed Pastor
US Congressman, Arizona

“I was witness to the birth of the Family Involvement Center, based on a tremendous need to focus on the key role of family members at all levels of service reform in Arizona. I have watched this new organization turn into a national leader in the family organization movement.  Our company currently holds contracts in over 30 states and provinces.  We work with literally dozens of family organizations. I rate the Family Involvement Center in the top three such organizations in North America, based on its leadership, risk taking, ability to support family members during stressful times, ability to organize large numbers of family members to be part of the design and delivery of the behavioral health system, and its sheer competency. I have always found them responsive and inspiring.  Most importantly, they do what they say they will do, a rare trait in any organization."
John VanDenBerg Ph.D., President
Vroon VanDenBerg LLP

“My knowledge about the Family Involvement Center’s work gives me confidence that you are highly capable… I know that you are active in transformation activities in Arizona, and I have welcomed the knowledge and practical experience that you/your staff have brought to the collaborative work of the National Wraparound initiative…”
Janet S. Walker, Ph.D.
Research and Training Center on  Family Support and Children’s Mental Health
Portland State University

“If there were any doubts about the value of a family-run organization, they are completely gone now. I want to thank you so much for referring me to Jane Kallal and the Family Involvement Center. My 2 1/2 days in Arizona were much more productive in learning about family work than other places I have visited.  Jane and Family Involvement Center are doing exactly what I have been yearning to find within systems of care. I met so many beautiful people at Family Involvement Center who have the kind of patience and caring commitment to family work that is combined with real knowledge and confidence. They all gave me such a warm welcome... Thank you so much for referring me to the Training Institute - an extremely valuable teaching resource about comprehensive support for family-driven service!"                                                
Beth Berndt, Family Leadership Director McHenry Co. (IL)
Family CARE

"It is clear that Arizona has made important strides in terms of developing a true system of care on a statewide basis.  Despite no legislation or mandate to work together, a number of child-serving agencies are working collaboratively...  Family Involvement is one of the true strengths of the Arizona efforts.  Families are clearly the partners they need to be.
Report of federally-sponsored site visit to Arizona (December 2005),
Child and Adolescent Statewide Infrastructure Grant
"MIKID and the Family Involvement Center have a rich history of providing support and education to Arizona families that have families with behavioral health needs. In addition, these family organizations have been important participants in system reform efforts toward achieving services that reflect family voice and choice. There is much that can be gained by this kind of partnership.”
Sandra A. Spencer, Executive Director                                                                          
The Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health