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Coverage of Behavioral Health Services for Children, Youth, and Young Adults with Significant Mental Health Conditions

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 Dismantling CHIP in Arizona: How Losing KidsCare Impacts a Child's Health Care Costs


Reframing Mental Health Practice for Children, Youth and  Families 


Statewide Implementation of Child & Family Evidence-Based Practices: Challenges & Promising Practices



Engaging Families in Child Mental Health Services

Engaging Families

Improving Outcomes in Chronic Illness

Improving Outcomes in Chronic Illness

Strengthening Social Support

Strengthening Social Support

A Multisite Evaluation of Parent to Parent Programs for Parents of Children with Disabilities

A Multisite Evaluation

Integrating Evidence-Based Engagement Interventions 

Integrating Interventions

Medicaid Funding of Community-Based Prevention 

Medicaid Funding

A Public Health Approach to Chidlren's Mental Health: A Conceptual Framework


Performance Audit: Evaluation of Behavioral Health

Evaluation of Behavioral Health

Report To The Oregon Legislature On Planning For Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services Planning

Oregon Statewide Children’s Wraparound Initiative: Fiscal Impact Analysis

Childrens Wraparound Initiative

Insurance Parity For Mental Health: Cost, Access, and Quality

Insurance Parity


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