Training Institute

People-marching-on-gears-with-wFIC's Training and Innovation Institute provides consulting, technical assistance, and training for organizations, groups, and individuals. FIC has served as a leader in the creation, design, development, and evaluation of child-serving systems with particular expertise in the delivery of peer parent support as a critical, stand alone element of service delivery. FIC has unique history and expertise in the promotion and sustainability of family-driven care.

In collaboration with National Consultant, Pat Miles, the Training and Innovation Institute designed a Peer Parent Support Training and Coaching Model that prepares a parent workforce to provide authentic peer parent support. Additionally, the Institute offers trainings for parents, families, communities, other family-run organizations, and provider organizations that can be customized to meet individual needs.

Trainings are focused on building high-quality peer parent support, strengthening and sustaining family-run organizations in Arizona and elsewhere, and supporting individuals and organizations in their work on national initiatives that impact children and families.

To date, FIC's Training Institute has provided consultation and training toniservices in Arkansas, Chicago, California, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Washington D.C., Florida, and New Jersey.

Contact Toni Donnelly, Director of Training and Innovation, at 602.412.4074 or to learn more.

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