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form1-wFamily Involvement Center (FIC) is a family-run organization that provides support, education, information and resources for parents/caregivers and youth with emotional, physical, and behavioral health care needs. FIC services are designed to help parents/caregivers and youth gains skills and knowledge that empower them to advocate for and gain access to the services they need. Participation in FIC's classes and support groups also serves to connect families and youth with each other and to form natural supports in the community, which promotes resiliency.

Behavioral Health Services

For youth enrolled in behavioral health services with the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA), Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care, referrals for the services we offer must be processed using specific forms and instructions. All RBHA sponsored programs are offered to parents/caregivers and youth in both English and Spanish. Please find instructions to complete the RHBA referral process for families living in Phoenix/Maricopa County and in Northern Arizona below.

Phoenix/Maricopa County RBHA Referral Process

Northern Arizona RBHA Referral Process

Juvenile Justice Services

FIC's Parent Support NOW program offers immediate support for parents whose children become involved in the Juvenile Justice System. Parent Support NOW was created in partnership with the Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department (MCJPD) and Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (MMIC), the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for Maricopa County, to promote family involvement in juvenile justice system improvement activities; to engage parents in the treatment planning, delivery and development of discharge plans for the services of their child; and to deliver effective, evidence-based parent education trainings. Direct 1:1 parent-to-parent support helps parents access services and supports for their child, and additionally, in navigating other systems such as education, developmental disabilities, child welfare and behavioral health ultimately improving outcomes for their child and family. Parent Support NOW services are voluntary and free and they are delivered at the pace, intensity and frequency parents need.

To learn more about this project, or to inquire about parent-to-parent support, contact Betty Hurtado at (602) 412-4071 or the Parent Assistance Center at (602) 288-0155.

To request Parent Support NOW services for yourself or a family you are working with, please complete our Parent Connections form. Or, print the Parent Support NOW flyer to share with a family who might benefit from these services.