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Would you like to talk to someone who has been where you are – who will really listen and can understand how you’re feeling?

Need help preparing for a court hearing? Or, are you trying to understand the juvenile justice system?

Do you find your child’s behaviors difficult at home or school? Would you like to know more about supports and services that can help?

Are you trying to work with child welfare so your child can return home?

Is your child struggling in school and you aren’t sure what to do?

Are you an adoptive or foster parent or kinship caregiver who needs support?

Family Involvement Center (FIC) is staffed by parents who have personal, lived experience raising a child with special needs. We understand how stressful, overwhelming and isolating it can be to care for a child who has emotional and behavioral health, physical health, educational, developmental, trauma or substance use challenges. We help other parents by sharing what we have learned on our journeys and by offering support and compassion. We call this Parent-to-Parent Support.

Parent-to-Parent Support is individualized support designed to help you meet the needs of your children and family. Our staff, called Peer Parent Support Partners (PPSPs), have experience navigating health care systems, school systems, juvenile justice, the Department of Child Safety, foster care and more. Our role is to walk with you on your journey, to share what we learned raising our children and to support you, the parent, at every turn. PPSP’s help ensure that your voice is heard and that you are involved in decisions about your child. We encourage you to take a lead role in your child’s treatment, care and life because you know your child’s and family’s needs best.

No referral process is required to connect to our services. To request Parent-to-Parent Support, simply complete the form below to request that a Parent Support Partner contact you or call (602) 288-0155, Monday through Friday 8:30am until 5:00pm.

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